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The Workforce Solutions Difference

The usual way of hiring temporary/permanent staff

The "roll of the dice".

Firstly you must write or have someone write the advertisement for the position. You must make the position sound attractive yet appropriate to attract the right type of people.

You must book the space with the newspaper and have the ad laid out correctly and get copies of your logo etc to the paper.

Then the telephone enquiries must be handled. This takes large amounts of time away from whatever duties those staff would otherwise be doing.

Then there's the time wasted in going through resume after resume that all look the same. Let's face it. All resumes are flattering to the applicant.

After wading through piles of resumes you must somehow select a shortlist of applicants to interview.

Just to get to this point could have taken you 2 to 4 weeks.

Then there's the slow and laborious task of interviewing applicants. As with resumes, all applicants look keen at the interview stage.

The interviewing process can take you hours upon hours, even days at a time, depending on the position.

After all that, you're exhausted, and behind on all the other work your team expect you to continue doing during this time consuming recruitment process.

Then comes crunch time. You must select the right person for the job. (This is where those dice come in handy!).

What if you hire the wrong person? They might seem great for the first couple of weeks or even months. They might be very competent technically, but they might not "fit in" with the rest of your team. They might have an attitude problem.

If that's the case, it can get messy.

Apart from the often emotionally difficult task of letting someone know that their employment with your organisation will be finishing, there's the potential legal minefield of sacking someone. Unfair dismissals and the legal aspects of hiring and firing are becoming more and more complex and risky.

The bottom line is that finding permanent or temporary staff yourself takes a lot of time, takes you away from your main job, affects productivity, and you're never guaranteed of a positive outcome.

If the person doesn't work out you must go through this harrowing process all over again!
There is a smarter way.

The smarter way of hiring temporary/permanent staff

The no-risk solution.

Call Workforce Solutions.

Let us know the position you'd like filled, the experience, qualifications and qualities you'd like to see in the successful applicant/s, and when you'd like them to begin.

We'll take it from there.

The process outlined down the left hand side of this page will be handled for you.

You won't have to lift a finger.

Our huge database of interviewed and available applicants means we can fill positions faster than you could ever hope to.

We'll then supply you with the right person, or if you prefer a short list of however many applicants you require to interview.

Even though the final decision rests with you, if you get it wrong, you have the comfort of knowing our Replacement Guarantee applies.

If, for whatever reason, the person doesn't work out in the first 3 months, we'll find you another suitable applicant.

This saves you enormous amounts of time and stress, and ensures you have no risk in using our Permanent Placement service.

It's definitely a smarter way to go.

Telephone: 07 3875 0000
Facsimile: 07 3875 0010