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2012 Seminar Media Release - January 25th Brisbane Convention Centre

2012 Seminar Media Release - January 25th 2012 Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre


Dare to Dream and Live the Dream

This is an extraordinary Business opportunity, to become apart of the amazing resources boom in Australia and break away from the two speed economy. Workforce Solutions has opportunities for Business Partners to join their team to recruit staff for the mining industry. An opportunities exist to build a business under the Workforce Solutions umbrella and to control your future.

Would you like to experience financial freedom?

Would you like to experience the happiness that comes with financial freedom?

And would you like to share that happiness with your life partner and your family?

Workforce Solutions has a proven business model that will change your life. It will change the way you think, the way you work and the way you live. Your future will be secure.

At the seminar you will learn two important factors

  • why this system works,

  • and how this system works.

You will meet Mr. Jeffrey Bradtke, the founder of Workforce Solutions, who is personally and totally committed to the success of this business model. Jeffrey established Workforce Solutions over 18 years ago. He has the experience and knowledge and he is willing to share it with you.

You will also meet other people, just like yourselves - other people who have already dared to dream and are now living the dream. All of these people are not afraid of hard work and follow the system, and reap the rewards.

You will also have the opportunity to ask questions. Anything you would like explained better or more fully we will be happy to answer.

The world is a changing place and you have an opportunity to be part of the booming economy.

Would you like to be financially free?

Would you like to be free from the monotony of a regular job?

Would you like to be flexible in your work hours?

Are you prepared to learn?

Are you prepared to work hard and follow the system?

If the answer is “yes”to these questions then we urge you to attend the seminar and bring along your partner and persons who's financial advice and wisdom you respect.

Admission to the seminar is totally free. Register online now!


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